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I brought a Tacx Flow S last year so I could continue cycling over the winter and have been using it with Zwift/Tacx app.

The Tacx app constantly shows the machine needs calibration. I can calibrate multiple times and it still shows as needing it

It doesn't matter which app I use to control the machine, the resistance is ridiculous! I can only use I currently when I am on the easiest gear. I understand it will be slightly harder than riding outside but I can barely ride 10 minutes on it without being exhausted because of the resistance issue. I have turned down the gradient setting in both Zwift and Tacx but it makes absolutely no difference.

Has anyone else had this issue with this turbo?
I have Flux S trainer. I don't use the Tacx software other than to calibrate my trainer, I use it primarily for Zwift. I did notice the text in the app doesn't change after the calibration is completed and always suggests calibrating not matter how many times I've done it. I think this is just poor programming! I would just ignore this and recalibrate every 2-4 weeks, or any time you move or otherwise adjust the setup since I doubt the app has any way of really knowing if the trainer needs to be calibrated.

I suspect the issue you experience with resistance is not related to the calibration procedure. You should contact Tacx support on that particular issue. I have noticed in a high gear it can be very hard to push the cranks, just like starting on a hill in high gear. My model operates with electromagnetic resistance, but by design the resistance can only ramp up if the device is powered on and the app is demanding it, so check your preferred app's settings. Is your model direct drive? Have you over tightened the axle, skewers or cassette? You might want to reference the manual and check you have used or omitted any spacers and adapters that are required for your particular setup.

I've had headaches with my Flux S clunking which through frustration lead me to replace my chain and cassette prematurely, but in the end I think it turned out to be a problem with the axel spacer not being tightened into exactly the right spot. Not the end of the world since I now have a pair on the bike and for the rear wheel.
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