Swindon to Orkney - A Wet Week in October 2019



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Really glad it found you a great ride - makes it all worthwhile! (I haven't yet found a way for the route-planner to fix the weather though...)

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Really glad you recommended it in a previous thread!

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Stealth camping solo is pretty easy, you just trust your instincts. Wild camping with a friend can be tricky. Agreeing on where to camp while hungry and fatigued can lead to disagreements, so start looking for a suitable spot a bit sooner.

I don't camp in woods that have litter or footpaths, so it can take quite a bit of energy finding a good spot. If I get really stuck and start to dip, I get off the bike and stroll for half a mile, then ride for a few miles.

Personally I start looking for a spot at dusk, don't light fires, don't drink and I keep the site tidy. The bike makes it pretty obvious that it's a temporary camp and I'm away early, why would anyone mind?
Good advice, thanks.
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