Suddenly started getting ads


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for info/diagnostics, it started occurring for me about a week ago and only on my phone (Apple) but not my MacBook. same as above, only when first opening the forum so thankfully not too intrusive.


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I seem to get them pop up ads on my Android device, but not on my PC. Not the end of the world, but it something that didn't happen before quite recently.


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There's two dubious ones, both involving* sending your details before learning anything.

At least one gambling site, bet on who'll win the US presidential election.

*Asked for/requested in the advert.


Carbon fibre... LMAO!!!
And me. I really dislike it.
I was going to swear but will save that for later ^_^
There's no time like the present. Do it before covid gets you I say.


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If they were more UK, even EU, orientated they might make some sense.

But Mexico, the US and Montenegro...
Not a pop up but add for jumpers/pullovers from a US company. Saved it for my brother and his hubby. I know what the boring bas***** will be getting for Christmas.
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Have them started on another forum where they block the bottom part ofthe screen making reading anything difficult so given the choice prefer the full page that disappears when closed.
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