Suddenly started getting ads


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In the last few days or so when I first come to the forum the first thing I try and look at takes me to a Google ad, which I then have to dismiss to see the forum content. It only happens once per session but is a change in behaviour. Just checking to see if it is something at my end or the forum end.


I mentioned this in mundane news a few days ago. I click on a thread and up pops a full page advert :sad:. Happens about once an hour...

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If it keeps CC pedalling into the future i'm all for it!
(I can't get my Thumbs Up anymore? Or Fiddle with my Imogees)


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@Shaun usually informs us before hand when it comes to stuff like ads.
It would have been nice to have known if indeed it is his doing as I've been farting around for a couple of days changing my phones privacy and security settings amongst other stuff in an attempt to stop the ads. I almost completely reset the whole thing as I feared a virus of some sort in my phone.


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