Sudden reduction/change in Zwift power


A couple of weeks ago I was riding the Quatch Quest route in Zwift and having climbed epic kom and descended toward the jungle loop I started up the Alpe and it felt like I'd hit a brick wall. I'd been outside the day before and had pushed the climb up epic kom a little so chalked it up to being a bit tired.

I've been online a lot more this year, for obvious reasons, but this has also resulted in me riding a lot more generally and my Zwift FTP has been creeping up because of that - I started the year at c.265 and because of trying to get myself a Tron bike have been riding the Alpe quite a bit and this course, being around a hour and a bit for me, means that I'm putting out an hour long effort and Zwift has been notching up my FTP as I improve; currently at 301 according to Zwift. I feel like this improvement as shown on Zwift is also showing outside. I'm climbing well on local hills and managing to hold similar power level outside as I was showing inside.

A couple of days after that Quatch Quest ride I headed for the Alpe again and the same thing happened, felt like hitting a wall. Pushed on but the time up the Alpe was 20 minutes longer than my PR and about 15 minutes longer than my 'normal' time. The next day I joined some club mates for our now regular online weekly meet-up and was dropped in short order on a flat route round London. Yesterday, headed for Alpe again and it was even worse. Half an hour longer than my PR and it felt like riding through treacle the whole way up.

I'm riding a Wahoo Kickr Core. I've not changed any settings and have performed a spindown prior to that last attempt. Low watts riding feels smooth and there are no odd noises coming from the trainer. But I can't get the watts up inside at all - still showing the same watts outside.

Any advice welcome. My poor ego is taking a real beating.



Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Have you calibrated the Wahoo recently? Just a thought.


If you've got a power meter on your crank of outside, use this bike to compare watts against Kickr.

Its a trainer problem or you're fatigued


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You haven't got anything rubbing on the rear wheel. Some fool knocked his raceblade off the mount and wondered why he was struggling all ride, then saw a loose mudguard and slightly melted plastic. :blush:
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