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I deleted my Strava account and was happy riding without it for about 12 months, my lad started to ride so I uploaded all my data so he could follow some of my routes, I have one follower, him, I follow only him , I have ignored all requests from followers, I can't be bothered with all the kudos back slapping. I did enjoy regaining some of the KOM's I gave away when I deleted my data.


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I don't follow anyone and no one follows me. I did have someone request to follow me either from this site or a bike thread on some other forum. Can't remember. When I first accepted his request to follow me he would send me kudos after each ride. I was thinking to myself, "I haven't done anything." A person in my local community on FB asked to follow me and I accepted. He sent me a couple kudos but those stopped. I'm not using Strava for kudos. I don't need anyone to pat me on the back like a dog and say "Good boy." I can see where I'm improving and where I'm going backwards and what I need to do to improve. That's what I use Strava for. Not for congratulatory thumbs up. If I want that I'll join a group ride and will get the encouragment on the spot when it's most needed. Right now I'm exclusively doing solo rides to build up my average speed so I can not embarrass myself on a group ride.


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I don't ride for a kudos that some random person might give me. I follow a few family members and a couple of endurance cyclist who impress me. I am followed by a few family members but I don't think they are aware of what I do. I ride for my own enjoyment, the number of kudos I receive is irrelevant.
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