Strava / Stravistix stats - anyone understand 'TRIMP'?


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Afternoon all,
I've been loosely following British Cycling's 4 week training plan for improving climbing ability so I've learned a bit about heart rate zones etc as I've stepped up the training. It's definitely paying off, so I'm now delving a bit deeper into the available stats on Strava to help see where my shortcomings are. My lack of speed & endurance up hills is still painfully obvious when folk vanish into the distance at the mere whiff of an incline...
The Stravistix extension gives a load of extra data but I don't fully understand what some of it means/relates to. Being a bit long in the tooth I was drawn to "TRIMP" as it's linked to heart rate (I gather) but I have no idea what I should be aiming for and what is considered a 'good number', if that makes any sense - EG. - I did a couple of rides over the weekend, first one was a short, concentrated effort up a local 8% grade, which garnered a TRIMP/hour score of 98.2. The second ride was one of my usual 45 minute circuits split by some climbs I haven't done before ranging from 3% to short 9% sections, which gave TRIMP/hour of 104.4 over the entire course of the ride.
I try not to push my heart rate over 180 at the moment just to offer some insight into my general fitness but I do recover quite quickly now, which is a positive.
Can anyone explain this in tems an idiot can understand?
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