Strava removing support for Bluetooth sensors


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I like to ride with my iPhone recording rides, and a bluetooth HRM (Wahoo Tickr) but from 28th of October, the Strava app will no longer sync with Bluetooth sensors:

I'm sure it is probably a minority of Strava users who do use this feature, but I'm in that minority group so considering my options. I'm now likely to cancel my 'Summit' subscription and switch to an alternative way of recording rides that supports a bluetooth HRM.

Can anyone suggest an alternative way of recording rides with a bluetooth sensor, which will sync into Strava? I'm aware of dedicated hardware like Garmin and Wahoo, but would prefer the lower cost and lower complexity of using a smart phone app. Does anyone already use an alternative app to record rides and bluetooth sensor data?


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Surely you can just use the Wahoo Fitness app to record your ride and have it sync with Strava?


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I was just looking into this myself and came across that same strava support page. I think Milkfloat's suggestion is spot on - you can record your ride to the Wahoo app - including HR via bluetooth - and set it to automatically upload to Strava.

For me, I was looking for a way to record treadmill runs to Strava with both HR data AND distance (becuase it's useful for me to have a log of time/distanc/speed I've run). Unfortunately Strava doesn't allow you to amend distance once the activity has uploaded so I can either have time and HR via the Wahoo app or just manually upload it to Strava and have time and distance but no HR data - haven't found a way around this yet 🤔


Strava does seem to be taking a step backwards. Surely if they have a problem with a key feature (for some) they should fix it? Removing it is bizarre.
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I think RideWithGPS are trying to step into a gap here. Maybe they sense an opportunity. I just got this email from them

Keep your kudos, and your Bluetooth sensors.
Introducing Strava Ride Sync
We’ve always believed in giving you more options with your data, while making it convenient. After all, it’s your data. That’s why we are introducing Strava ride sync.
Best-in-class voice navigation, offline maps, and Bluetooth sensor support in one app with no compromises. Enjoy the convenience of recording your rides with the Ride with GPS mobile app, and still have the option of getting kudos when the ride is automatically synced to your Strava account.
There's probably a web page with this blurb on it too. Just not sure where it is.


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Yes, I received the same email from them this morning. Quite savvy of them, I think.

I used it a few years ago but didn't stick with it. I will certainly give it another go now, and may end up cancelling my Strava paid subscription and taking RideWithGPS!


Definitely short sighted of them as the reason I started using them years ago was to use sensors with the app. Even until relatively recently I was using the app with ANT+ sensors if I didn't want to take the Garmin out to the shops say.

Now been a paying customer for four years so I wonder how many new customers they could have got that they now won't. It's not like their analytics offering is so good it's worth paying for alone.
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