Strava oddities.


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I keep getting other peoples names popping up on mine :wacko: The first time was on a TT when i thought i was smashing it only to find it was a club mates time and how fast he was catching me :angry::laugh::laugh::laugh:
Another is a mate that has done a bit of cheating on a lap of the park and his full lap isnt actually a full lap :ohmy:
Today i got a call from another mate asking why my name popped up on his garmin in the park . I'm guessing its to do with live segments and the people you follow on strava ?


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I have a regular Strava segment (Tourist dodger, around the side of the Tower of London), I've tried to shave milliseconds off the time, yet the KoM is something like 30 seconds faster, with a number of people claiming close to that time.
I've done it at 7am when there have no people about, so even of a 500cc off road bike I dont think you could get the time down to the KoM time. I suspect Strava is picking up the main road route 100m to the north, where the KoM time may be feasible (depending on the CC's of the motor)
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