Strava - Kudos.


As long as I breathe, I attack.
Yes. Exactly. All of the above.
Strava is a bit of a w**kfest, which is why I can't be arsed with it (IMHO).
I use it to keep a total and find the route planner great but i agree its a bit of a ego stroker otherwise .


On the flip side I just completed x7 century rides amongst others 1500 mile total ( went to Munich and back). No kudos from quite a few of my 'followers '. All the rides were unsupported, I was bikepacking ,thus a low ave speed. Knackered most days. What strexit doesn't show is headwinds! Lol. So it works both ways,


If you pop up on my feed I’ll give kudos regardless of the distance.
Agreed. Anyone on my feed can have a Kudos for any ride :thumbsup:

One of my least Kudos'd rides of the year was also the most difficult and shortest. All that effort for almost no virtual back slaps :rolleyes: The view and descent certainly made up for it though.

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