Strava - How does it work?


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Yes really. I am not much into tech with my riding but I am just wondering what it does? and what the big deal is. Specifically any aspects that are free because I dont have any interest in a subscription if thats how it works. Already use a ride tracking app to log my miles/elevation/speeds etc but nothing more than that.


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It's NO big deal - if you're happy with your current tracking app and it's functions. I use Garmin Connect, having binned Strava when they started the subscription thing. The only thing from my POV that Strava offers is (for the more competitive cyclist) that it compares "segments" (selected stretches of roads/paths) against other Strava users, and against your own previous times, so you can see if you are getting faster. If that's of interest to you, it will cost £50 per year.


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I use it all the time. The free version. I use it as a log book. It records my ride data automatically from my Garmin 520.

It gives me a map of my ride, with times. It can display data from HRM and I believe it will display cadence, but I don't use that.

There are the dreaded segments out there. These are stretches of road that some well meaning(or self centred) person has set up. They are defined stretches of varying length and once you ride them you can compare your times against yourself or other riders. Some riders live and die by their segment times.

You can, on PC, see who has been riding near you on your route. Useful occasionally. There is the usual Twitbook type interaction for the brain dead with kudos being awarded....that is just another name for likes. There can be social chat on your rides but that doesn't really happen much or is limited to little more than "Good ride".

The paid version has a lot more to offer, but it's like many things related to statistics you can interpret these to suit your own agenda. (Virus statistics???)

It's a useful thing to have, but a certain age group seem to live for it. Use it to suit yourself and the free version is ample.

There are almost as many views on Strava as there are users, so sift through all the replies and pick out the bits that apply to you, then decide if you need it.
My favourite Strava (free) feature is Flyby. I believe this is only available on the web site and not the App.

If you’ve had a bit of a duel with another rider, or someone has asked if you need any help with a mechanical, or you think you may have recognised another rider out on the road - then you are able to see who they were and check out their ride/profile.


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I don't know either............but I only dropped off my youngest sons new bike in Lincoln yesterday and he's already sent a Strava map of his ride out, I had no idea he knew.:okay:


I use it for every ride.
At first it was useful to let me know where I had been and how long it took.
Useful for planning trips if you want to arrive at a set time.
Now I like to see my segment times. Not to compete with others but just to compare with my previous 186 trips along the same bit of road.
The KOM segment leaderboards used to be a big draw for many, but they recently put everyone out of the top 5 (or 10?) behind a paywall, so the free version doesn't really appeal to me now over other tracking apps. It was fun to compare a commute route I shared with a few colleagues, we used to compete on a few segments on steep hills. These days I'm more inclined to ride in a relaxing manner, my aim is less about brute speed, and rather about arriving at my destination sweat free, so I'm no longer their app's target market. I occasionally use komoot to plan a route, or log miles ridden etc. My bosch ebike system is partnered with their app for it's tracking feature, so I'm using that these days when I can be bothered to record a route, but there is little sense in doing that for commuting anymore as comparing rides with others has always been an apples vs oranges affair anyway.


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My bosch ebike system is partnered with their app for it's tracking feature,
Please tell me more, it's not a feature I was aware of


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I use a Garmin Edge Touring, to record distance etc. It automatically downloads to Runkeeper, which I have been using for years to record cycling/walking activity. Recently, mainly because all of the offspring and their partners have taken up cycling (CV19 effect), I have set the Garmin to update Strava too. Nothing against Strava, but, for the leisure cyclist, which I count myself as, I don’t really see any advantage, and, I certainly would not pay for it.
Sorry this is way off topic
But I didn't even know there was an an Ebike Connect App, I was only thinking about such a thing out the other day, I have a 2020 Cube Acid will it work or is it only for higher models?
Looks like your Cube model is equipped with a Purion which I don't think has bluetooth connectivity so you can't get any data out of it. It should be possible to get an upgrade if you are willing to pay, but I don't think they come cheap. I love the power data in the Kyox, it's super interesting to see how many watts you vs the motor are putting in at any given time.


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It used to be nice for checking your progress over successive rides / specific stages, while even for a highly non-competitive rider such as myself it's interesting to see where your performance falls relative to all the otehr users.

Sadly since they crippled the free version many of these features have become unavailable so if your current software does what you want it to I'd not bother with Strava tbh, unless you're willing to pay for the additional features.
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