Strava GPS recording problems. Phone-related?


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In a cemetery
Possibly hardware limitations are the issue; GPS receivers vary enormously in quality.
Some phones only support one satellite system (often GPS), which in my experience has usually been disappointing in terms of accuracy and 'time to first fix'.
Being off track by several metres (or tens of metres) sounds very familiar.
Assisted-GPS is a bodge, doesn't work when in areas with dodgy reception, and probably suffers from network latency issues too.

Personally I've found the best results are from receivers that use GLONASS and GPS satellites together. Accuracy is much improved, and more consistent; first fix is v quick, even indoors.

The Galileo positioning system is due to be completed this year... on paper it's better than all others.


I use Strava on android , Moto G4 , cheapish phone.
Only time it plays up is coming away from football grounds after matches.
But getting a phone signal then is hit and miss.
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