Strava Fly-by setting or bug?

On my commute I shadowed a guy going at a decent rate for a few miles then he turned off. When I got home I looked to see if he was on fly-by, he did not show up but someone further up the road did so I looked at their fly-bys and the guy just in front of me appeared on their list. Also when I looked at the guy who was just in front of me's fly-by I apeared on his list. I checked Strava setting either you allow people to see you or you dont, you cant set just your followers etc.
anyone know if this is a bug or a setting?
This is the activity
the person in front I cant see on my fly-by is ian, the person further up the road was ayna.
I would say its because they have follower requests set to ask permission first. I cant see ian


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I find it quite fascinating coming back from a ride & seeing if the people you see are there, intersected with a group the other day, when I checked the flyby it was a group of 15 which split up to go their own ways later, what was interesting was 1 guy left the group early to make what I presume his way home, another didn't leave for another few miles & went a different way but ended up well in front of the 1st guy as they came back together on the same road. Strange how trivial things can be interesting :smile:
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