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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by ajp233, 16 Jun 2019.

  1. ajp233

    ajp233 Über Member

    In a previous job I cycle commuted daily, a round trip of 24 miles. Currently I am cycle/train commuting in my current job - 12min ride to Thornaby Station on Dahon 20" folder, then train to Northallerton.

    I'm wanting to incorporate more exercise into my commute so have 2 options:
    1. Cycle from Stockton to Yarm station on folder, approx 8.5 miles then train to Northallerton. This would give me 17 miles cycling daily, but on a folder.
    2. Cycle Stockton to Northallerton 3 times a week, approx 45 miles round trip, and the other 2 days do my current cycle/train commute (Thornaby station). I'd have to buy a full sized bike for this option, but would be doing 135 miles a week. I think I could do the journey in approx 1.5 - 1.75 hours.

    Which option would you go for? Anyone cycled from Stockton to either Yarm or Northallerton and have any tips?
  2. Sharky

    Sharky Veteran

    How far is it door to door?
    Google maps is showing about 20 miles?

    That's quite doable for a commute. My last commute was about 15 miles each way and was a hilly route and I could do that every day. My previous commute was 23 miles each way and again had some serious hills on the route and was a bit too much to do every day, but could do 2 or 3 times a week and driving on the other days or lift sharing with a colleague.

    Have you considered an e-bike? I think that would make the commute a doddle and a 20 mile commute could probably be done in about 1hr 15 mins and still be getting exercise.
  3. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

  4. OP

    ajp233 Über Member

    Thanks NorthernDave - I hear the announcements about bike reservations every work day :smile:

    Snarky - Google maps shows me it is 22.2 miles door to door, and I tried to reccy the route yesterday but one of the roads looked like a muddy dirt track that cars couldn't go down. At each end of the track I would have to lift the bike over a small fixed wooden barrier (about a foot high). I could avoid the track by adding on an extra mile or two.

    I have thought about an e-bike but would need to research further.

    Anyone with experience of commuting with one?
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  5. jiberjaber

    jiberjaber Über Member

    I make it 23miles there with a detour to avoid the none google car lane after East Rounton bringing you in to Brompton. Seems to be either an option to go via Thornaby/Maltby/Hutton Rudby or Yarm/Kirk/Craythorn so at least you have options to change the route to avoid it getting boring.

    There's a few locals who might be able to help better though... @Skuhravy
  6. bikingdad90

    bikingdad90 Über Member

    To get from Stockton to Yarm you need to go down hill down Yarm Road, through Yarm High Street and then cut through the spitalfields which is all uphill. It’s a busy commute with traffic coming off the A66 going to Darlington and Nifco and Yarm. This route is about 8 miles.

    Alternatively, come through Ingleby Barwick but then you would have to do Leven Bank. From Thornaby station to Yarm station it’s about 8 miles.

    If your are feeling up for it, you can come through Ingleby, head out to Hutton Rugby and then over the A19 past roots cafe and pick up the main road between Osmotherly and Northallerton which goes past Brompton. A busy road as it leads to the A19 and fairly rolling roads, in winter it is unlit.
  7. bikingdad90

    bikingdad90 Über Member

    What is a halfway route, is Thornaby Station to Eaglescliffe station and then the grand central (LNER) train to London which stops at Northallerton providing timings work?
  8. jiberjaber

    jiberjaber Über Member

    Not sure about the need to do Leven Bank - from SpamCity head through Maltby and via HR ??, but does mean a climb up through HR...
    Good call on the Eaglescliffe station, but would there be a need for reservation on the train?

    Here's the two I mentioned above:
    Yarm/Kirk/Craythorn etc..

    Thornaby / Maltby / HR

    Yet another variation would be Yarm/Low Worsall/Appleton Wiske which is a bit shorter but my memory of the B road to Low Worsall being busy to ride along.. shorter route of course...
  9. OP

    ajp233 Über Member

    Thanks for the route suggestions @jiberjaber

    @bikingdad90 Eaglescliffe Station is an option for going to work, although the timings don't work for the return journey. I think I will start cycling to Yarm station on my folder in the first instance. This will at least give me a 8.5 mile workout each way, so 17 miles daily. I'd still like to try the full cycle at somepoint but need to buy another bike for that journey as I only have a folder at present....n + 1 ^_^

    I'd just be a little concerned about drivers on the country roads. They roads would probably be fairly quiet most of the time but there is always the one car that might hurtle down them not expecting to come across a cyclist.
  10. bikingdad90

    bikingdad90 Über Member

    @ajp233 If you can avoid the A684 and Stokesley Road as it will be really busy in morning rush hour as they are the main roads into Northallerton and straight off the A19 also. The Hutton Rugby, Rounton roads are deserted and Ingleby will be fine as your coming through before school runs start at 8am.
  11. Skuhravy

    Skuhravy Über Member

    When my mate Dave does it (a couple of times a week from NA to Wolviston), he goes the obvious route via Brompton (ignore the road closure signs, you can get through onna bike), Appleton Wiske, Worsall, Yarm Road and up through Eaglescliffe. Green Lane through Worsall is a bit of a rat-run, and you could avoid this via Kirklevington.

    Can you get a train from Thornaby to Yarm and skip the crap bit? Yarm High Street is always snarled up.

    Alternatively, as jj said, you can go through Toytown and out into the lanes via Hilton and Rudby, though you're adding miles.
  12. OP

    ajp233 Über Member

    @Skuhravy Train from Thornaby to Yarm is an excellent idea. Like you say it will allow me to skip the crap bit through Yarm and still leave me an approx 16 mile journey to Northallerton. I think this could be do-able 5 days a week :smile:
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  13. OP

    ajp233 Über Member

    As I currently only have a folder, I borrowed a friends Halfords Carrera mountain/hybrid bike yesterday and did the cycle from Yarm Station to Northallerton. It took me an hour which I thought was OK given that I was not wearing bib/padded shorts, the pedals were platforms and I had a pair of running shoes on, and I was unfamiliar with the route. The bike was also heavy with thick tyres.

    Now I just have to get myself kitted out with a decent bike so that I can get back to regular cycle commuting ^_^:bicycle:
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