Stiff and grinding handlebar


I have managed to remove the handlebar from my Carrera mtb and i can see the steering shaft (think that is what its called, connected the handle bars) is quite rusted.

I can't remove the steering shaft to get to the bearings. I have loosened the wheel clamp to see if that was causing any issues, but so far i can only really think it must be the steering shaft or the bearings.

Any tips or suggestions on how to remove the bearings would be greatly appreciated.


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The video is fine, but it involves a bike with a headset/steerer in good condition.

I often have to work on bikes that have got very corroded over time and it takes more than just a tap with a rubber hammer to shift the headset.

If I am correct about the corrosion the op might need to spend some time putting releasing fluid down the outside of the steerer to loosen the headset. I would remove the wheels, support the bike frame firmly near the headset, and use a bit more force to start it moving. Do not hit the top of the steerer with a metal hammer as this will spread the top of it too much to get it through the headset. Either use a plastic/hard rubber hammer or put a piece of softwood to cushion the top of the steerer from the hammer. Repeated not-too-heavy blows are better than giving it too much welly.

Good luck and be patient. Follow the video once the headset has been taken apart.


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Remove front wheel & front brake then support the bike in a stand & hit top of the steerer hard with a plastic or rubber hammer - supporting the fork so it doesn't suddenly drop out. Sometimes the spacers are corroded in place if things are really bad so you may have to prise them off individually - or worst case cut them off carefully to avoid damaging the actual steerer. Sometimes the bearings themselves are seized onto the steerer as well - sometimes they disintegrate when you clonk the steerer out. People neglect these things until there is an issue - removing it cleaning & re-greasing every now and then usually avoids this issue ime. Several hefty clonks may be required
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