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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Vikeonabike, 19 Apr 2010.

  1. sue perb

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    O yes have a look at this notice the size of it.:sad:

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    Thanks again to the OP (@Vikeonabike) for putting this together.

    4 times I've had to use it, twice (fortunately) for collisions in which I was only a witness. Each time, all parties (with the general exception of the Dastardly character) have complemented the cycling community on their general level of awareness as to things around them. At last night's incident, the attending officer said "We love it when the call says the witness is on a bicycle. Chances are a cyclist is going to know where everyone is, the direction they were coming from, how they were driving, the condition of the road, the direction of the wind, you name it."

    I think he may have come across a user of your template before :smile:
  3. OP

    Vikeonabike CC Neighbourhood Police Constable

    Good to know my little piece was of use!
  4. matthew

    matthew Senior Member

    Vik, Thanks for this, I knew it was here and hoped not to need it but after an incident on the way home this evening I have just completed it in readiness for a visit from my local constabulary tomorrow morning. No injuries or damage fortunately just intimidation and a forced stop from a Range Rover as escalation of poor driving.
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    I know this may sound grim (given the context of the thread) but can I suggest another useful tool? In this case how to better call for an'd be amazed how garbled things can get, I know it should be obvious and the operators are very good but you'll find this helps. Very easy and useful acronym: L I O N E L

    Location : "I'm at the junction of Smith St and Jones Road etc" Don't assume your mobile phone gives enough information
    Incident : e.g. "There's been a road traffic accident etc"
    Other Services needed : e.g. "We need the Police as well etc"
    Number of casualties : "2 people are hurt etc"
    Extent of injuries : "One is unconscious, the other has hurt their leg etc"
    Location : Just in case you weren't clear

    This way you can deliver the maximum amount of information, in a useful order, in the minimum time. I've had to use it a few times and it really settles the mind when you're otherwise not necessarily thinking straight.

    p.s. It's also really useful to teach to kids.
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  6. Arjimlad

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    Thanks for this again. I just followed it to produce a four-page statement about a road-raging driver and the interview with me was only 15 mins instead of an hour or more. The police have taken the statement word for word and will be interviewing the driver next.
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