Spring/Autumn softshell


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Definitely cheap kit in layers for me. Much easier to adjust the layers to how warmed up you are and ambient temperature.
At the moment I have base layer and slightly thicker cycling Jersey and neck buff most of the time. I add a thin altura packable jacket on top as temperature s drop.


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That’s the plan I had as well, my Endura base layers I got super cheap out of season, and a few seasons out of style, the Castelli softshell kinda the same, it was old stock that they wanted shifted.

I wanted the softshell able to fit in a jersey pocket as well, the weather is so changeable at the moment.


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I've been using an Altura airstream for a couple of years & it's been brilliant. Keenly priced too. Just adjusting the base layers to suit conditions, it sees me through from September to March.


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Alpkit thicky long sleeve with a base layer keeps me good from about 5 to 10 degrees. Similarly Galibier Roubaix thermal top. Neither are windproof per se, but keep the worst of the cold out.

Endura Windchill with base layer if it's cooler. I picked one up dirt cheap from the outlet a few months back.
Believe it or not, aldi used to do some half decent ones. Altura do some good ones - I have a Varium but not sure it's available anymore, although they should have an alternative.
the Varium is truly excellent - I wear mine all the time over a great part of the year - waterproof as well. I was lucky enough to get one at a great price after a top tip on here. It's so great that it would seem madness to change the name even if slightly redesigned. If it has been replaced by something else I would be interested to know the new name.
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