So how many recumbent riders have we?

I have had an Ice Adventure HD for about 6 months but am in a catch 22 situation. I do not like to ride on single track roads as they are what is mostly available as I am not yet fast enough not to be a nuisance to everyone including myself ( if that makes sense). To get fit enough I have to use the same single track roads.
Currently I get in as many miles as possible on mainland cycle tracks which limits me a bit.This under Creagan Bridge in Argyll.Not a cycle track but a quiet road round Loch Creran which used to be the main road north not that long ago.

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Owned an Optima Orca for about 12 years. Love it.

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Recumbent rider for almost three years now. I have a Nazca Fuego. Will soon have a frame set to build my second recumbent. Will be selling the Fuego to make space for the new one. An Autumn project. Still have a road bike as well as a Brompton.


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Walton on Thames
I’ve had my Demon LT recumbent trike for about 4 years now.
It had a crazy dish shaped 33cc Sachs petrol rear wheel when I first got it and until recently it had a 3K Turbo 120v 100A electric setup fitted, extremely fast, stupidly dangerous, but more fun than a bus load of hookers, well, maybe not that much fun but pretty close.
It’s back to original pedal power now with 75T chainring right at the front like a huge circular saw blade.
Spent way too much rebuilding it so that it’s capable of on and off road, but I spend too much on all my bikes so nothing new there!
Seriously running out of room on the boat now though so may need to let one of my bikes go, probably the trike even though it’s my favourite ride, but it takes up half my living room.


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Still looking for my first 'bent. Would be interested
You still looking?
Behind bars
You still looking?
Sort of. Owning a 'bent has been relegated from 'must have' to 'would like'. It was while doing an SR last year that I realised riding 600km on a DF was akin to self harm for me. If I decide to do any long distance rides in the near future I'll step up my search but I'm just riding for fun these days.


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Here I am with my younger brother in the front, me, my oldest son and his oldest son at the Circuit of the Americas F1 track in Austin. The second is of me at the top of the first turn.

My younger brother is a life-long bike rider and bike commuter. He switched to the Catrike after surgery to remove a brain tumor which left some balance issues and talked me into getting one.

I purchased my 2012 Catrike Expedition used last March and was able to get 1800 miles on it last year. It is a really nice ride.




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Just out of curiosity how many of us here are recumbent riders (bike or trike)?

I've got a HPV Street Machine.

What about the rest of you?
Hallo this is my first post,

I have an Ice Vortex (currently stripped down in my garage)
a Bacchetta Corsa ( which I really like)
a Pelso Brevet (which I have just purchased but not yet really ridden, I feel this indulgence may have been a mistake but that remains to be seen)
also an Airnimal Joey (to take on holiday as it folds).
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