So how many recumbent riders have we?

Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by Andy in Sig, 13 Sep 2007.

  1. steve_c

    steve_c New Member

    Halden, Norway
    I just signed up and I have a few recumbents I'm getting back on the road: ICE Micro, Windcheetah, and a Bike-E AT.
  2. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    Welcome aboard.
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  3. fossala

    fossala Veteran

    Now riding a Trice Micro, much faster!
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  4. brentj18

    brentj18 Regular

    Southend on Sea
    I have a Performer Trike X and a 1992 Challenge Twisted that I took to Freecycle on Saturday.
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  5. plantfit

    plantfit Veteran

    Met up with another trike rider in the next village to me,(he's recently moved to the village)between Newark and Lincoln, first ride out together this morning,great riding with another trike pilot

    Have heard of another trike pilot who lives about six miles away in Wellingore Lincs so I will try to contact him next week, the trikes are taking over
  6. BilboSmeggins

    BilboSmeggins Über Member

    One more trikee here, as of two days ago :hello:. ICE Sprint X FS. Very happy with it indeed.
  7. neil earley

    neil earley Über Member

    No pic it didn't happen ! lol
  8. BilboSmeggins

    BilboSmeggins Über Member

    Okay, I'm no David Bailey, but here ya go :smile:

  9. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    Ooh, that's very nice indeed:okay:
  10. BilboSmeggins

    BilboSmeggins Über Member

    Thank you kindly, sir :smile:
  11. jeffoi

    jeffoi Active Member

    I am a newbie.

    Bought a 2006 ice QNT on eBay.

    Was worried about the risk of eBay, but since my knee is stopping me from riding my Dawes galaxy I had to try (and with little money it was the only real option)

    I love it.

    My husband wants one.

    *Looks smug*
  12. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    You are only a newbie till you've ridden it. You're one of us now, welcome aboard.
  13. jeffoi

    jeffoi Active Member

    Thank you.

    I must say I definitely prefer it to a 'normal bike'.
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  14. BilboSmeggins

    BilboSmeggins Über Member

    I was forced into the world of recumbents by dodgy knees also. All I can say is, “God bless those knees!!” I’ve never felt so relaxed and comfortable whilst cycling. Shame I didn’t discover these mad contraptions years ago ^_^

    Oh, and the new cycling position seems to suit my knackered knees perfectly. No longer an issue. Hope your new trike suits you as well as mine does me :okay:
  15. Joeduck

    Joeduck New Member

    Dorking Surrey
    Hi Andy
    I've just joined the forum. I ride an Ice trike and a street machine. I'm just about to sell the latter as I've ordered a Performer high racer. Looking for people to ride with in Surrey if anybody interested.
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