Should I get back into Cycling?


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If not cycling at least something you need to exorcise like you need to eat or take a shower. No sense in letting yourself go and become soft.
Just to to back to this....
I'd imagine taking a bike into the city and cycling at night would put you into a small subset of cyclists.

I've no idea where you are but would this not be a time to revisit the concept and look for another place to ride?

Fully agree about the mental benefits of cycling, although I'd venture that if you find cycling in the city at night to be helpful, a day ride in daylight with nature all around and less attention needed could blow your mind - in a positive way!^_^

Is there a reason you don't cycle from your own door?
OP, I do t get why you drive into town to cycle. Why not just set off from your house and do a country or suburban loop?. Then you also can choose a regular bike.
I don't know where you live but could you not put the bike on the train to go into town? That's a hell of a lot cheaper than a Brompton 😀
Hi guys, sorry for seemingly abandoning the thread. During the rest of the year I have cycled nearby, I live about 5 miles outside Londonderry in Northern Ireland, and there are a few great routes around my back roads. But this year during lockdown I cycled them so much I just got fed up of the sight of it! Lol There isn't much nearby and some of the major roads to the city are fairly dangerous and probably below what in England is a typical country road, despite being our main road (they're still dualling most parts of the single lane main route from Londonderry to Dublin!!!) Sadly many have been killed on the road walking, cycling and driving.

Now with the dark nights, to me its personally a no go to cycle in the dark. The roads are tiny, grass sided, nowhere to jump or refuge in when someone flies up it and around the twists and turns youd not even get much notice of them coming nor would they be expecting a cycling in this neck of the woods.

So I put my last bike on the back of my car on a carrier, but it did damage it with scratches and took time to mount etc. I'm happy enough to have a foldable bike in the boot, pretty much at all times 'just in case'. I have no family or cargo much so it could live in the boot. I think a cheap £130 job from Argos, as a 'proof of concept might be good before investing in a Brompton. I was advised by my uncle that for the price of a Brompton, I could get a pretty damh good standard bike for the money.

I take it into the city, park at a well lit and safe leisure centre and park which is on one side of the river. We have a beautiful greenaway path along the river on both sides, one side is dark but well lit and surprisingly never empty, always a family or dog walker or jogger about. The other side is the city centre with businesses and offices and apartments and things always alive and also well lit and safe feeling, it takes about 45 mins by bike and thats not pushing it but also not stopping often or going at a snails pace. Thats the same time Google states to cycle the route.

Hope that clarifies my use case :-)
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