Selfish man nearly kills him and his child.


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Numpty! Although that did look a bit of a freak/unexpectedly large wave.

I see folk around here playing chicken with the sea when it gets rough. I don't understand why they don't realise how powerful and unstoppable the sea is.


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The prom was already wet right up to the sea wall, so not unexpected for another wave to be bigger. People can be idiots. Although having said that, I went down to the beach in Hurricane Katrina when in Florida just to experience it.


Darwin Award is very clear on this matter:

Killing others: The death of innocent bystanders absolutely rules out a Darwin Award. We don't applaud those who take others out of the gene pool, even if they share some DNA in common. Injuring bystanders is also frowned upon.


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Here's a photo of the mountain on fire, taken from my living room, I uploaded to FB


Unfortunately, It appears to have cut out two figures walking up the path, to take a close look at the fire.

I later found out it was a bloke and his 4 year old son


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The last time I was up in Scotland I caught the ferry to Mull for a forum ride. On the way back I was standing next to some railings above the end of the vehicle deck. There was quite a drop to the vehicles below, as you can see.

Oban Mull ferry vehicle deck.jpg

There was a big warning sign instructing parents to keep control of their children to make sure that they remained safe. I had just read the sign when a man with a small toddler came striding up and 'did a Michael Jackson' - he lifted his son up, and held him wriggling out in front of him, over the top of the railings ... :eek::wacko::banghead:


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Few years ago some friends were in Hawaii when a tsunami was approaching I was chatting to them on google & watching the local news, there were people on the beach waiting for it to hit.


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Playing devils advocate...the video i've seen shows nothing of the minutes before the wave hit. Now it MAY be he was just walking the promenade with his son and was unexpectedly / nearly caught by a freak wave. Equally he may have known but its not clear from the video so it'd be unfair to slate him based purely on the video.
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