Seen a Cannondale for sale but only have a pic


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Hi peeps, first post so please be kind. I have seen a Cannondale for sale but my reason for joining was to see if someone could possibly assist me in identifying the model. I'm not allowed to post a pic but it's the one in my Avatar. I believe it may be a womens aluminium road or hybrid bike and it's a a two tone green (almost "army looking"). Many thanks in advance.


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Looks like a Cannondale Quick disc 3 2019

It's a 'men's' model (not a 'ladies model')

What size is it advertised as and how tall are you?
It may be absolutely fine despite being a 'men's' if it's the right size...just budget for a ladies saddle (unless the seller is a lady and has already swapped)/. This all assuming you are a woman of course!

Here's the sizing guide from the cannondale site (for the 2020 model) (didn't copy very well from the link!)

  • SM

  • Size:MD

  • Size:LG


  • Size:XL

  • Size:2XL
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To add, ask the seller lots of questions about it - it's also a new model sold in the last year tops, so request to see a receipt / proof of ownership...and all about the bike. If there's only a picture, no idea what model it is and no information, I would be highly suspicious!

Also, even if all checks out, check it's not on some sort of unfinished cycle to work scheme as if they've not had a year, they shouldn't be selling as it belongs to the company and not them yet!
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Thanks for the replies. The pic I posted was a better pic of what I thought was the same bike. The bike is for sale at an auction house and sold as seen so the only info I had was "Cannondale Road bike" . Original pic below.



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Yes, that’s the bike. Is it the right size for you? As I said, it’s not a ladies bike which doesn’t matter as long as it fits you comfortably
Go see it and check the sticker on the frame for the size or ask the sellers, also check that they have confirmed that it’s not stolen!
Bear in mind that you won’t get the manufacturer warranty as not the original owner so unless it’s much cheaper than new, new may be better (if you can get new of course)
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