Seat post sleeve

I broke the old one out with a screwdriver. There will be bits of old glue left behind, and you need to remove as much as possible with a scraper of some sort. If you can actually buy the new seatpost sleeves - Brompton don't allow many parts to be sold to the public these days* - you get two in a pack. One has a locating lug and the other doesn't, and you need to use the one that fits your frame best. I used Unibond Extreme Power Glue to stick the new one in and it worked perfectly without reaming..

*to maintain profit margins for dealers, I assume,but a very customer-hostile approach, especially as people who live outside London probably need a car to take the bike to their nearest dealer, if there is one within reach at all


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I find a great tool is an old seatpost. Takes out the old sleeve if you invert it and tap it in from underneath as the flair on the post gets behind the sleeve and pulls it evenly off the frame. Then when you need to hold the freshly glued but unreamed sleeve in place you tap the seatpost in top down from the top. Cross drilling it about six inches down makes it easy to judge if you are in far enough and allows the use of a longish bolt or a bit of steel bar as a handle to get it in and out.


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Should not the first sentence read that the seatpost pushes out the old sleeve? Or rather tap it out all the way? I was lost completely on the second sentence. Some one should do a video of this.
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