Rugby World Cup


Here for rides.
I don't think so, but maybe. Just seeing the unintentional aspect of it I guess and making allowances where none should be made. I accept entirely what you say as I don't know the rules.
the tacklers intent is irrelevant. execution is all.

neil earley

welll wales was robbed methinks would have def been a better final if they had been playing, thread should have been COULD IRISH REF SCUPPER WALES LOL


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better late than being the england managerlol think he ran out of excuses for his squad on and off the field
Neil, come on. First you missed the boat by a week or two, then you accuse the ref when the Welsh guy was quite rightly sent off then your last reply you've written above the original quote.

I'm beginning to worry about you.. Are you OK ?

(besides being Welsh of course)


Here for rides.
probably won't be after his meeting today with the "backroom boys" . pity really but another victim of good great player piss poor manager syndrome that affects all sports.
ftfy :thumbsup:


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I think that may have been the best England performance I've ever seen. The best team in the world were never in it, from start to finish. Flair and initiative played their part (you have to score a few) but as in the Aussie match, it was the relentless fast & ferocious tackling that won it. They just never got off the back foot. Tremendous performance. Roll on next weekend!


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I'm not one for watching the rugby, even though back jn the day I played at inter club level. If I can't play myself then I'm not interested in watching others do so.

Anyway, Mrs D likes to watch muscular men in tight shorts prance about (that's probably why she married me) and was watching today's game. I walked in and saw "En v NZ" in the corner of the screen and piped up "oh, we're playing the Nazi's again?" She was not impressed and ushered me from the room, but I'm given to understand the result was much the same as our last game in 1945.
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