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Not really been a cold weather cyclist before, slowly getting more gear (skull cap, leggings etc) but today I could feel the cold air coming in through my shoes.

My current shoes are Shimano MTB/commuter style SPDs, a nice hybrid (for when I only had a hybrid bike), so I’m looking for recommendations for new “autumn/spring” SPD shoes.

Ideally less than £100 (cheaper the better this cycling malarkey adds up!), and if they had a dash of orange, that’d be great.

Had a look in Decathlon, and on Wiggle, but any suggestions or recommendations would be great.


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Keep using the shoes but put overshoes on top?
Then start with the cheapest solution... Socks!

I ride with basic Shimano MTB (MT34) spd shoes, and they're great all year round. But I tailor my socks to the seasons. If your feet are cold, might I recommend those "feet heater" jobbies with the brushed fibre insides. They trap air, adding extra insulation, but as they are quite thick, you may need to loosen your laces.


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After trying every solution I could imagine I finally invested in winter boots. I wish I had done it ten years ago. I use these as all my bikes have SPDs, there is a road equivalent. My feet are always warm and dry though they do sweat a little meaning the boots need drying/airing after a ride. Yes, I realise these are considerably more than the budget you suggested. I found them with a 20% discount at Merlin about 12 months ago. Merlin currently have them on offer at £129.

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Ok, will start with socks (fair cop, I have some thin “running” socks that I tend to wear, then overshoes (although they look like a faff!).

and will keep in mind the boots option.

thanks all!

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My summer shoes are nice and vented for the warmth. In winter I have an old pair of Adidas suede ish MTB shoes with elastic laces in. I put the overshoes on from November or so and I can leave them on. No Faff. Just slip your feet in.


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I use overshoes nowadays but many years ago old socks over the shoes were a popular alternative.


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Overshoes are the cheaper option of course and I use BBB overshoes from Wiggle when I'm in my road shoes, and that's always been a warm and comfy choice. They're not a faff, they take about 30 seconds to put on. Slip them on, zip them up, do up the velcro strap if applicable.

I ride infrequently in the winter though, so if you're out regularly then dedicated boots might be a good investment.


Thanks all - my shoes are 'MTB' so will need to look for overshoes that will accommodate those but definitely the way to go (if I'm still going out in the depths of December/January then I'll look to 'winter' shoes)


BBB heavy duty overshoes are decent in 5-10° weather, below that I use some seal skins ones which have a hard waterproof outer shell and a fleecy lining.

Boots are the ultimate winter shoe though.

Bear in mind that leg covering pays a huge part in how warm/cold your feet are.
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