Road Shifter rubber hood damaged


Just wondering if there's any way to replace these? I'd hate to have to change the whole shifter just because the rubber hood is damaged. Shifter works absolutely fine otherwise.


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Depends on the make and model. You can get replacement Sram, Microshift and Campagnolo ones but not sure about Shimano.


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I've a similar problem. The hood isn't damaged but seems to have become a little stretched and mishaped on the underside at the front. No matter how carefully I reattach it after +/- 50 miles it moves again. Really irritating.

I resorted to electrical tape yesterday. If it stops raining I'll find out today if this works - I don't have high hopes.

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I have had similar problems on two bikes

1 2015 Ribble with 105 - just went "saggy" - apparently not uncommon around then.
2 2015 Vitus with Ultegra Di2 - wore out and also went a bit "sticky"

In both cases, peel back the hoods and find the code. something like 5700/5858/6800 etc. Agreed SJS best place to look.

To fit takes a bit of confidence. I used liberal amounts of isopropyl alcohol which helped a lot. Once on, fit like a glove


I had to change one on a 105 shifters, took a few attempts at getting it to fit in place right and few rides in the meantime of it slipping which normally was only noticed when the gear shifter stopped working because the rubber was jamming it.


Flip - just had to take it off having mis-threaded a new gear cable and needing to open up the underside of the shifter to release it:sad: Just rewatched this GCN video


The tip re heating it does seem to do the trick, in the absence of rubbing or isopropyl alcohol gave it a liberal dosing of hair spray (a very old can from when I had enough hair to need it). Just hope its okay having been removed.
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