Rip it up - A history of Scottish pop music.


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But they do bloody love that awful Proclaimers song...
It's a shame that song is pretty much all anyone knows about The Proclaimers.
Letter to America? I don't mind it. I actually think the Proclaimers wrote a good number of far worse songs.

On the other hand, they also wrote Sunshine On Leith, so I can forgive them pretty much anything.

I'm mostly just disappointed (but not surprised) that a thread on Scottish pop music has drawn the usual ignorant cliches. It's like judging all English pop music on Bucks Fizz and Rick Astley.


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With 11 hole Doc Martin's and tartan scarves tied round your wrist as well?^_^
Of course... did I need to say it.


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It's a shame that song is pretty much all anyone knows about The Proclaimers. They're a damn good band once you get past it.
I like pretty much every one I have heard. Saw them live last year....brilliant. I also really enjoyed the film Sunshine on Leith.


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ahh 2 parts !
I caught it last night and wondered why so many bands were missed...
three, according to the iPlayer :smile:


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Great, they might have time to mention Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart and Iain David McGeachy not forgetting Hamish Imlach.
True story: I used to work for a radio station and they decided they wanted to play a morning of "iconic English pop" to mark St. George's day in their breakfast show. They decided to lead with Baker Street. Took a good few websites before the producer of the show accepted his mistake.
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