Reporting footage to police - what are your thoughts on this clip?


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It's London, it's close pass central. I put up with passes like that every day on my commute.
However, other cyclists may not feel the same as me when it comes to what is or what is not a close pass.
I myself wouldn't ride that close to the kerb, it just invites the pass.
If you feel it was too close then report it.
That’s pretty standard for that bit of road. If everyone submitted footage of that sort of pass, there, the inbox of the recipient would be bulging to bursting.


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It's close but the cyclists doesn't seem bothered, he is probably used to such passes, if he rode further from the kerb it may not have happened, but he could be deliberately riding there to let traffic pass and is not fazed by the closeness.
Thanks all. General consensus seems that it is close, but safe enough and not worth reporting.

I'm still new to the video recording world and think it could make positive difference to London roads when good reports are made. I may upload other potential offences in due course!

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
I was waiting for the close pass then the clip ended :laugh:
TBH, that is pretty standard for commuting traffic at those speeds and while it was not great or ideal, it is the norm for the conditions.

The passes that really put the BeJeezuz up you is the tw*t in the german sports saloon that comes past giving it beans at 40+mph in the same space!!!


The pass is a bit close, but there's not a huge speed differential and the cyclist doesn't deviate, so doesn't seem to be bothered by it. You'll get much worse if you commute regularly.


Not perfect, but I wouldn't get overly agitated by it if it was me.

That being said I would be riding primary on that road.
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