Reporting a found bike to the police

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While I walk the dogs I do find some odd stuff. I use these hedge lined walk ways to access a large field for the dogs, near a big housing estate.
The other day though I found a Calibre mountain bike, in really good condition. Brought it home with me and trying to be nice contacted the police. You can write down on a postage stamp what I know about mountain bikes, but after a google I found out it cost £899 new. So I phoned the local police and you'd of thought I was a criminal the way they treated me, begrudgingly they gave me a website to log the details and I posted that I found a bike on Facebook local groups. I don't want any chancers trying their arm so I've not put pictures up or said what what it is. Anything else I can do to get it back with its owner?
Its probably the property of a spoilt teenager, but you never know

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I found a bike once while doing my job, it wasn`t exactly in a secluded place but it definitely looked dumped. I put it in my van (which has my company`s name on it) and took it to the local police office.

This was to cover my back in case someone saw me put it into my van. I asked the police officer what to do with it, he replied, "just take it to the dump because if you give it to us, that`s what we will do!!"

I googled it but it didnt seem to be worth much so I gave it to one of the local bike charities around here.

I`ve seen other bikes since but I just leave them now, not worth the hassle trying to do the decent thing
Don't forget to search the main databases using the frame serial.

It would be reasonable to mention the make and model of the bike, but ask for description of any notable modifications, upgrades and markings... assuming it's not brand spanking new. Also, evidence of purchase like a receipt, or accompanying user manual will usually have the frame serial noted somewhere.


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I recently had something similar while walking the dogs, 100 yards from home i found a small framed Giant road bike from the early 80's thrown in a hedge, I posted to the local police on facebook with a photo of my "find" it had mismatched wheels and flat tyres, however it had a full 600 tricolour groupset.

I heard nothing back so just stored it, late January I happened across the web site to report found lost items, I used the site to report it, I then received an email back from the local constabulary, please could I call them? the upshot was that I was to deliver it to police headquarters, they said it would never be mine even though I reported it and even if I kept it for ten years, I thought if not claimed in a certain time I would become the owner ( I must admit I had a use for the tricolour bits), the officer I spoke to when I delivered the bike said it would be stored and not disposed of


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Old hands on here will know that in 2009 I found a brand new but slightly damaged 2006 Specialized Roubaix dumped off a bridge into a brook near my house. I waded in and fished it out then took it to the local Police, who couldn't have been less interested. The clerk on duty laboriously filled in a report in a big ledger, tongue between teeth, then using a ruler tore off a bit and gave it to me as a receipt. A month later I went back and they gave me the bike back, which is how I got into road cycling after 21 years of mountain biking and a fading mojo for mud.
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