Renting a Bicycle in Nimes, France


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Peterborough, UK
Hi all,

I'm meant to be in Nimes right now, but had to cancel due to COVID19. I've rebooked for September for a few nights just to enjoy the sights.
I'd like to rent a bike while I'm out there, but I'm having little luck finding a local cycle hire shop. There looks like there is a TanGo! centre which I guess is the Nimes's version of a London Santander bike, and not suitable for a 40-mile round trip to le Pont du Gare.
There also appears to be a number of national cycle hire companies that will deliver and collect, but I am unsure of how all of this works.
Does anyone have experience with renting bikes in smaller cities in France? Or have used one of the national drop-off and pick-up services?

I'm not looking for anything special. A Tiagra (or above) drop-bar bike or a Deore (or above) MTB or hybrid would suit me fine. If there was an e-version for a decent price then I'd probably go for that... as a treat.

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