Recumbent Vs Road bike comparison with metrics

Auntie Helen

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This is very helpful, thanks. I was wondering if I was getting extra mph for my oomph - I think I will knock down the speed average by 2mph which reduces by about 200 cals for an hour (i.e. if I'm averaging 14, I'll say I'm averaging 12). Bang goes that extra mars bar!


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Why reduce the effort and speed? Keep at it!


Auntie Helen

Ich bin Powerfrau!
Don't want to reduce speed and effort (am really enjoying my cycling!) but as I am trying to lose weight I do want to make sure I'm not awarding myself more calories burned than has actually taken place as otherwise I'll never get rid of the flab!

When I said I would knock down the speed I meant when filling in information on the dieting website, not in what I actually do in the real world on my Trice!


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I recently did a 1 hour ride on a velodrome riding my fully faired fujin

Here are the comparisons between my recent ride and Boardman's hour

Bike: Fully faired fujin
Rider: Lee Wakefield
Distance in one hour: 35.1 miles
Track: Scunthorpe velodrome 485m tarmac

Bike: Upright track bicycle
Rider: Chris Boardman
Distance in one hour: 35.03 miles (UCI best human effort)
Track: Manchester velodrome 250m wood

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That's an interesting comparison. To get the maximum use out of it I think you would have to compare your fitness stats with Boardman's. Given that he was mega hyper fit and you must be at least very fit indeed, it is the difference which will be most informative.
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