Really TRUE odd factoids

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(whatever that means - maybe a factoid in that itself)
as in:

Blue Hills said:
am tempted - but I fear it will go the same way.
Twentsixbytwentyfive: There is a danger but insist on the "True" part. The "Silly" thread is "over there".

A thread on actually TRUE odd factoids.

Being a voracious reader and media connsumer I have come across quite a few lately but had nowehere to dump them.

Will do next time I do - so over to you good folks.


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The Earth could fit into the Sun 1.3 million times.

I would have guessed about 4 hundred.

twentysix by twentyfive

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Why not title it "Interesting and little known facts" or somesuch.

After all;

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  1. an item of unreliable information that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact.

That's useful :okay:

Thanks for the mention @Blue Hills . Let's trust folks behave ^_^

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English Wikipedia has an arbitration committee (ArbCom) currently consisting of 18 members.

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HERE is something totally counter-intuitive that I spotted earlier today... Building new roads can INCREASE traffic congestion! (Conversely, closing some roads can reduce congestion.) :wacko:
Exactly what the M25 did because they added all the extra junctions. Let’s say it had one junction you might use it once for the novelty. Add two junctions north and south and suddenly it’s a quick way to get north / south round London. So more traffic uses it. Add two more junctions and suddenly it makes sense east / west. But junctions are now closer so it gets used for shorter trips and so on. The M25 encourages lots of short journeys which otherwise wouldn’t happen. Whilst the M25 might just about cope (it doesn’t really) all the adjoining roads do not.

Now imagine M25 didn’t exist and if you want to cross London to get somewhere. All those short journeys wouldn’t be made as crossing London wouldn‘t appeal.

All road building does is bring more vehicles out on the roads at any time.


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If you built a true scale model of the solar system with earth the size of a marble, it would be 176m away from the sun (which itself would have a diameter of 1.5m)

Pluto would be the size of a tennis ball and would be 7.6km away

The solar system is actually almost totally empty
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