Proteam folding bike


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I'm trying to find someone (anyone in fact) who can help me to find spares for a Proteam folding bike.
Many thanks in advance


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What do you need? Unless it’s something specific to the folding frame or bars most regular bike stuff can be used.


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Have you get a picture?

A lot of folding bikes are rebranded Dahons or Terns for example.

SO you may be able to pick up spares from one of those companies instead.


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A lot of folding bikes are rebranded Dahons or Terns for example.
If you do a picture seach for the term "proteam folding bike" you will end up with an idea. Does not look like a rebranded Tern or Dahon, not even like a counterfeit copy but rather like on of the gazillion "cheap as cheap can"-bikes that are sold under many different brands everywhere. I'd assume any hope for spare parts special to that bike or from that brand will probably be disappointed. Either a generic part will fit (depending from what's defective) or, if you need a more special part you'll have to go on the hunt on aliexpress or alike and hope that whatever you get will fit and be of sufficient quality. Probably most repair shops will simply refuse to work on such a bike, so you'll probably be on your own. A case of "you get what you pay for"...


Buy a spare bike off gumtree and hope you have enough good bits to piece together to get one working bike!
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