Project X , emma's folding e-trike

And we are still having almost 9 hours of daylight :sun: better leave :cheers: while the going is good :bicycle:

later's emma
Hi Folks
and l hope the new year has started well for you , The weather down here is doing its best to be a P.I.T A .
We managed to do a little to fit a second clamp to the folding hinge on the frame , it just needs a little grinding to perfect it , but it's there when there is an improvement in both me and the weather l will finish it and do a local touch up on the area . Currently have some diy to sort before I can start again .

The conservatory roof has been replaced this week and everything has been moved out , currently the trike , bike and models are in the dining room until we finish the diy and making good the conservatory.

Later's Emma
Hi Folks

With the continuing building work taking place in the conservatory I am unable to get the trike out from the dining room :wub: . The 2032 button cell front lamps arrived last weekend and I have fitted them . As the trike won't be used at night ( they are just in case lamps ) I think they will be ideal . After all that effort l need a cup of tea :cheers:

Hopefully the work will be finished in the next week or so
allowing me to get the trike out of the house., maybe into some sunshine.:sun:

regards Emma
Hi Folks

The snow has gone , I removed the trike from the Dining room ( the conservatory roof has been replaced and has been redecorated )


12.5 miles today over to Shoreham beach before returning via Hove lawns to mums .Another shake down ride for project X

regards emma
Been quiet of late with other things to do , but l managed to get project X out today in the sunshine , About 15 miles as another shake down ride out to Lancing . Went over the toll bridge and looked at the view before ending up at lancing, making the trip into a circular route by coming home via Shoreham beach and the lock gates .
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Project X has been woken from it's hibernation :wahhey: , due to my circumstances, Project X has sat in my late Mother's dining room for the past 7 months :cry: unable to be used due to the house clearance taking place around it.

This week project X and the yellow trike both came over to Peacehaven as part of the final clearance taking place this coming week :hyper: .

It has started to begin more shake down rides having been neglected .

photos to follow.:cheers:
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The photos were finally persuaded to come out of this rather infuriating windows phone . Laying dormant for over 7 months hasn't caused any problems, some air in the tyres and some charge in the battery , and it's on it's way for completion of its shake down rides . The USS mount has a little play and the brake has a little rub/ squeak , The ride went well and I have welcomed it back into the fold.
regards Emma

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