Project X , emma's folding e-trike

Hi Folks .

I was not expecting to build another project this year :angel: ,

:boxing:BUT :boxing:
There is always a but , The trike does not fit into the new :smooch: estate car :evil: ( early birthday present to myself :birthday: ) so I have to build another trike that should fit .
( NOTE should fit )

We still have a towbar to fit and another set of roofbars to make that will hold the 2nd trike before we can use the car for towing / caravan holidays but we still have the mondeo .

If I remove the car roof aerial I can still get one trike on the roof but due to the shape of the tail lights and curve of the tailgate on trike just does not fit inside :cry: , I am also hampered with the reduction in roof height that means I am limited to a 20/20:wahhey: .

So we are going with a folding e-trike

Currently the project is still under wraps until I get a bit further along the line :cheers:

and the new estate with the seat up but this will need to be lowered as per my Mondeo estate


Still it gives me something to do
The specification of the new trike will include USS , discs all round and a 36v hub motor .

Watch this space as the build gets under way and all will be revealed ( I expect )
Regards emma
A refurbishment / respray job on a Raleigh road frame has taken precedence over the past couple of days so nothing more has been done.
Here is a sneak preview of the folded frame -
It's one of Mr Marengo's prototype folding frames built here in Sussex .
it has a 1.5" square main tube with hinge and the curved cross boom is also 1.5" diameter the rear end is from a mtb frame .
whilst John uses a q100 hub motor centrally mounted with a left hand side drive from the front to the back this frame will be folding in the opposite way with a conventional drive train and hub motor .
more to follow .....
Since the photo I have seam welded the cross boom to the main boom and cleaned up the surface rust . next stage is to fabricate the little bits that take the time , first on the list is the front brake / control arms
The adjustable bottom bracket parts have been salvaged / manufactured but cannot be welded up until I have the correct chain line sorted .

regards emma
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With Shopping and other daily chores taking up a lot of today and wetness descending from above :rain: , I found an hour to tinker , I have sussed the USS mount this morning :wahhey: and I hope to use a clamp on BMX stem clamped onto a couple of ball races with a centre spacer - photos will follow :cheers:

Todays efforts were concentrated in checking the shorter trike would fit in the car . Folded it fits without a problem and unfolded it should fit diagonally :thumbsup:(assuming the crank will fit between the seats) . When folded the small 1/2 of the split seats can be used for a small person .
The nylon ballraced chain pulleys have been ordered and once I can get my mind into action again I hope to weld on the steerer arms to the front steering tubes

It fits as per photos

Thats all for today but I am a happy Bunny

At the weekend I hope to sort out the e-rear wheel . I will be using a 11-30 t 7 speed with a 155mm triple chainset with 28-48t .

regards emma
Hi Folks

Modified the BMX stem with a anticrush tube between the two bearings pinned with m4 grub screws cut away part of the curved face to allow me to fit the steering arm .

it was easier than I expected as the replacement hub bearings are the same outer diameter as the standard unthreaded fork tubes are
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Hi Folks ,

A few more hours spent on the removable seat frame

( rear and bottom seat made, Some of the tee nuts are fitted , the metal work is coming along nicely , all cut and awaiting the seat bottom mount to be welded on to the rest of the welded up removable assembly ) .

The battery will mount to the rear of the seat , cutting the weight down of the folding trike frame .

The handlebar are bent and awaiting the final cutting and welding once the trike is ready to fold as the width must clear the rear wheel as it folds over the rest of the frame .The USS mount steering arm is cut and welded ready to mount (note to self , must take drill into the workshop )

Pulleys have arrived and awaiting the USS mount to be fitted before I can get the chainline right and Pulley mounts welded in. .

No more time until Tuesday morning , will try and post more Photos then . Nex Friday its the Zombie Fest long weekend so not much time left in June to do very much .

regards emma
Things have not gone smoothly for me over the past two weeks and nothing has been done on the folding trike.

Today was the first day I could get the seat out and photograph it .

Hopefully I will have some time next week to restart the front end (steering and chain line) so I can mount the USS under the seat.

photo as promised

regards Emma
Hi folks

The rear pulley mount has been machined and threaded , made in two parts from white nylon rod and the chain guide made this morning. I'm trying to catch up on the miles but also would like to finish this trike this year , The feet are slowing my progress with both , but we will try and get it finished along with more miles on the existing trikes.

photos will follow on once enough has been done to post a few.

Later's Emma
WP_20170724_11_55_25_Pro (2).jpg
A couple of hours in the workshop today allowed me to weld on the front pulley bush and drill and fit the USS mount , The clearances are rather tight (racing car tolerances) between everything but it all went together and it is rather good . Once it has be assembled I will remove the parts , shape up and clean them up.
I finished up the morning by welding the steering arm in place on the ns forktube .next stage is brake caliper arms and tie bar mounts .
that's another day.
It is surprising how long these little parts take to fabricate or machine up.
Three hours in the workshop today and progress was made , well more bits made and welded up.
The steering linkage was made up , including the steering/ brake arms , the steering tie bar position calculated and the tabs welded on .
So to date it leaves the handlebars, bottom bracket and disc brake mounts as the big parts to make before going on to the smaller pieces.

Also 2 short rides an 11 mile ride after breakfast and 7 miles after tea tonight .

later's Emma
Another couple of hours playing has shown up a couple of little problems to resolve, but it is getting there, hopefully another couple of hours tomorrow.
bottom bracket welded up and handlebar position tested .
The tie rod needs to be moved to allow a better turning circle.

The trike will fit in the back of the car with the seats in place.

regards Emma
Another couple of hours tinker time today corrected the steering linkage that restricted the lock and adjusted the rear pulley assembly to allow a double pulley chain feed ,. The handlebars were cut and welded shut . The last pieces on the list were the chain return stay was manufactured and the rear brake caliper mount was drilled ready to cut and mount on the mud guard eye lugs.
The next weeks list has source calipers and chain near the top of the list with several types of stainless Allen bolts and nuts.
later's Emma
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Love the way you 'cut and welded' to get that curve in the tube. I do prefer round section to square on a frame. Excellent work as ever. Well done.
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