Presta Valves without lock nut

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Yes, i actually seek out valves with no thread where they are available. My track pump fits better when it isn't being forced over the threads and in theory should seal better.


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These have threads just no locknuts, I will be swapping them out shortly for slime filled anyway, rims are tubeless but looking on Schwalbe website the Smart Sams aren't


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I would draw the OP's attention to Rule #60 :whistle:

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This Rule 60?

RULE #60 || Use the washer-nut and valve-stem cap when changing inner tubes. They each serve a purpose even you can figure out

I had a crisis about what to do with my washer nut on my new bike. In the end I left if half way up the thread. Can't scratch the rim and it there in case.....umm, in case.....just in case.

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I would draw the OP's attention to Rule #60
Rule 60. . . . lights . . .
Nope can't see the relevance
Nope: this Rule #60 ('#' is important in this context, btw, link witheld):
"Ditch the washer-nut and valve-stem cap. You are not, under any circumstances, to employ the use of the washer-nut and valve-stem cap that come with your inner-tubes or tubulars. They are only supplied to meet shipping regulations. They are useless when it comes to tubes and tires."
A Presta valve stem cap can be useful if cut in half. Screwed down onto the Presta valve, a Shraeder pump head will give some sort of fit to get a bit of air in, if the rider has no access to a pump/inflator with a Presta valve head.
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