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Me with my two Jack Russells in July 1996. Jessie's the one in the bottom of the picture,while the tiny pup is Jody. Jessie lived till 10,while Jody made 16.5 years,going to that big kennel in the sky 8 years ago. I miss them both and have happy sometimes sad memories of both of them.


Jessie cost a tenner. She was advertised in the local paper. Jody cost a fiver. I was out working as a postman one day when i saw an advert in a window saying 'Jack Russell pups for sale £20'. I asked about the pups and was told they were five pounds,not 20,but the seller said he wanted to make sure they'd be going to good homes and he thought if someone was willing to spend 20 quid on a JR,then they were ok. 20 pounds isn't much these days,especially for a dog. To this day i still say they were the best tenner and the best fiver i ever spent!

The former Mrs Accy dropped some old pics of me and my dogs off the other day. I'll be posting more along the way.:okay:
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Tommy, one of the cats we rescued when both his people went into hospital:
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