Perpignan to San Sebastian across the Pyrenees


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I've been thinking of cycling from Perpignan on the French Mediterranean coast to San Sebastian on the Spanish/Basque Atlantic coast. Planning to cross the Pyrenees and take in some of the high mountain passes the decend down into the foothills and rolling tundra of northern Spain. Aiming to do between 50 and 60 miles a day, carry all kit in panniers/saddle bag/backpack. For an idea of pace - I cycle Richmond park in around 25 minutes, but I enjoy pooteling along on long rides too. Will stay cheap in a mixture of accommodation probably mostly hostels. By not cycling too far each day we should have a bit of time to make stops along the way and explore the area and seek out some tasty French pr Spanish fare. I was thinking of travelling by train from London, but happy to meet in Perpignan if you'd rather fly. I had planned this to take a total of 9 days 2 travelling 6 cycling and 1 chilling on the beach in San Sebastian. Would love some company. Let me know if you're interested. Planning to go end of April or early May.
Good luck with your trip, however if you are looking for company it may be a good idea to state that in the thread title or the beginning of your post, as it is now ,anyone reading it only finds out you are looking for company in the next to last line of your post,......... just a thought, ...good luck
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