Park Tool - complete wheel-building/truing set up.


Complete wheel-building/truing kit - all AS NEW with very minimal use. I'm pruning the tools in my workshop, some are duplicated and some I don't use very often - there may be more to follow . . .

I really want to sell this as one lot for £400.00. Collect from Stratford-upon-Avon or I will send at cost.
Total current cost is £507.00 - see prices against each item. (and a number of the items are out of stock at all the suppliers I looked at).

Centring gauge - Chain Reaction £72.00 Truing Stands

Profession Wheel Truing Stand TS-2.2 (the silver one, not the blue powder-coat one) [This item is in the original Park Tool box, virtually unused] - Chain Reaction £310.00 Truing Stands

Tilting base for TS-2.2 - Wiggle £53.00 Truing Stands

Thru-axle adapters - Wiggle £20.00 Truing Stands

Thru-axle adapter - Wiggle £52.00

The items are all exactly as the Park Tool catalogue images and, as stated, in new condition. [At the moment they are packed away so I can't photograph them]

Please PM if interested

(I really don't want to split the items - but may consider doing so in a few weeks if they don't sell as one lot)
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