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Anyone been following the progress of Fallon Sherrock in the darts world championship?

One might have thought darts - and snooker - is a game in which women could compete on an equal footing with men, but it hasn't happened up to now.

Ms Sherrock has beaten two world ranking players and reckons she has a chance of winning the tournament.

I've long lost track of who is good at darts.

None of the players in this BBC report mean anything to me.

I suspect darts is trying to move on from the likes of Jocky Wilson and Eric Bristow.

Sky even has a woman commentator.



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Women.... in darts !!.... Next it'll be the end of drinking 10 pints and smoking 20 tabs during a game.
The world's gone mad.
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Pale Rider

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It's mineral water only for the players, but from watching the Sky coverage it looks as if lager still plays a big part for the crowd.


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In the picture in the link, where's the dartboard?


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The second fella she beat is a very good player, though he does have days when he can't hit a double to save his life.

I don't think she has the quality to beat the very best men, but she is raising the profile of the sport for other women, which might mean that the womens game gets more prize money so more can afford to get involved and dedicate the time to get as good as the men.
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