No longer needed: Shimano Ultegra 6800/8000 172.5mm LEFT crank only

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I don't think so, sonny!....
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What length? Presumably you don't want odd ones?


Might be worth asking a local club - someone will have the left side spare from a power meter. I ride 175mm cranks unfortunately so can't help.


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I couldn't do that. I know mechanically it's fine but aestheticallyxx(
I have mismatched cranks on one bike. Not only are they from different Campagnolo groupsets, they are from different eras so they look VERY different, AND the left crank is 170 mm vs the 175 mm of the right!

It came about because I broke a left crank and had an old chainset in my spares box. My left leg is shorter than my right so I thought the 5 mm difference might help. I think it did, though I haven't applied the same principle to my other bikes.


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I've a 105 going spare, really doesnt make much difference 105, ultegra or dura ace. In fact i have a 105 5700 left 4iiii power meter crank paired with my R8000 right and groupset
Thanks for the offer but I'd like to match it. For now there's an old Ultegra 6600 on there which will do until I sort a matching replacement.
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