Next years plan


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Hi, just after some other opinions as to what to do next year, as I keep going around in circles. I’d like to get an upgrade sorted for next summer my main points are nice aero wheels and di2.
My options are
Mason definition this should be comfortable, but not sure how similar it will be to my current synapse. Also the geometry is slightly off but it can get pretty close to my current position.
Cannondale supersix evo, if my numbers are right I can get an almost identical position to what I use currently and with 28mm tyres(will take 30mm) it should be fairly comfortable. Just not sure how well it would cope with slightly beaten up country lanes.
Upgrade my current synapse as I want di2 and some nice wheels.
There wouldn’t be a massive difference in price between all 3 that I can see.
The mason I could fit mudguards and use all year around I’m just not sure how well that would work with the supersix. But I prefer the look of the cannondale and pretty certain it would be a bit faster, so I could then look to get a cheap run around for poor weather


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I haven't come across Mason before but that is a nice looking bike.

Canyon have some good spec. bikes at good prices with Di2 and aero wheels. Every chance a no deal Brexit will put the prices up but I guess that's true for a lot of the bikes.
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