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Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
I have recently been experimenting with a GoPro camera and iMovie with the intention of showing some of the rides I enter. The short films are mainly about Audax but I have included bikepacking and a hike with my youngest daughter.

My motivation for this derives from a podcast by a fellow introvert. She was challenged into pushing herself out of her comfort zone by attempting stand up comedy. There is no way in Hades you would catch me doing something like that but I fancied doing something challenging. For me that something was videography.

Here is a link to my channel

And here is my latest video:


I hope you enjoy it.


Tattooed Beat Messiah
Cheers Heltor. As a fellow Audaxer it looks very interesting.
Heltor Chasca

Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
@Heltor Chasca I liked your latest video so much that I shared it on my FB.
Got a bewildered comment soon after by @Fubar asking "Pat, did you do that???"

That sounds like you’ve entered for next year! Can’t wait to meet you :hyper:
Heltor Chasca

Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
A great Video. I'm already subscribed on yout YouTube channel.

As an aside, I'm curious that we introverts are always being told to 'Come out of our comfort zone' by being more extrovert, but no-one is shouting at extroverts to say, read a book for a day or go on a solo bike ride.

Yes I am fascinated by this. I went to a very tough school where I remember taking tests to determine whether you were extroverted or not. The results desired by the school patriarchy was that each and every child was an extrovert. Anything otherwise was considered a negative. Of course we all answered with ‘what they wanted to hear’ and surprisingly the school had a 100% population of extroverts. And that is what we all worked at, even if it was going against your natural make up.

It was only last year (aged 44) that I discovered I am an introvert and began to learn the very positive elements of this type of personality. I am a lot happier. People sometimes don’t quite understand it (including me) because I am gregarious and can operate fairly normally in social situations. But I don’t hunt out or thrive in loud, busy gatherings where extroverts recharge and are energised. Extroverts drown me. Give me the quiet life any day.
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I watched the castles one. I'm sorry to have to report that my wife did not like the music.

Content was great, even with the sound off :smile:

What type of bracket do you use to hold the GoPro?
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