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I've been riding for 3 years now on a Specialized Crosstrail which, while being a great bike, I regretted getting over a road bike just a few months after buying it. However I persevered, and put on several thousand miles over the next few years on it. Granted - not much in comparison to some of y'all. The more I rode, the more I wished it was a road bike. I would lock out the front suspension often to prevent wasted energy, I installed aero bars just so I can have a less upright position.

Then at the start of May I walked into my LBS to buy a bike rack so I could load up mine and my wife's bikes and we could go somewhere. I walked out having ordered a 2019 Specialized Roubaix Comp with Ultegra DI2. Oh - and a bike rack. And fellas - I am in love.

In the last 3 weeks, I've put on just over 500 miles. Swapped to an 80mm stem, put on Aerofly II handlebars, and Roval wheels. The current stem is from a 2020 Roubaix Expert, since my S-Works Futurestem in 80mm is on order still. Also redid the Di2 wiring to hide the majority of everything inside or underneath the aerofly handlebars - oh and I installed the DFly unit so I can finally see my Di2 battery levels, and control my Wahoo with the top buttons on the shifters. Ditched the toe-strap pedals the bike came with, and went with some Look Keo pedals and some proper shoes.

And my cycling addition has gotten so bad - I found I needed an outlet to talk cycling at since the wife is getting fed up with my every word being related to cycling lately. Thankfully she doesn't know how much I've spent. So here I am.

Some photos below. First photo still has the stock R470db wheels.





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