My new (to me anyway) Commuter

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by BADGER.BRAD, 30 Jun 2019.


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    My original commuter a Revolution courier became worn out (plus I was becoming a little bored of it) As I had already gone through two rear wheels and needed to replace both the front and rear wheels plus other parts I decided to pick up something second hand but in good condition. This was in the shape of a 1980's road bike which I changed the bars to butter fly bars on I have ridden it for a while but just cannot n get on with the naff brakes,hard ride quality on Dudley's naff roads and slow handling so I have decided to go back to mountain bikes with reasonable tyres fitted. I picked this up yesterday for £35 ! I have had to set up the gears as it was adjusted to only work on the centre ring and the middle three on the rear, the back brake would pull to the bars without working, I've lubed all the cables and set it up to suit myself by highering the seat moving it backwards and highering the bars a little. I've also fitted a rear mud guard which I had knocking about. It now rides really well but I do find the bars are a little narrower than I am used to. I'm hoping I can use it a little more as it should stand some light off roading Here's a photo of the beast.
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    Not a bad buy that.
  3. SkipdiverJohn

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    Excellent stuff. A nice vintage lugged steel Raleigh ATB in a manly 23" size. Much better than riding around on a kid's sized frame with a foot of seatpost sticking out. Can't see a tubing sticker, but the engraved seat stays suggest it will be a Reynolds butted frame. Mine are made from 501 and ride very well on potholed roads.
  4. OP

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    Yes 501 tubing, I used it for work this morning, I made a an adjustment to the seat height and when I got home to the handle bar height (this can only be done by releasing the front brake moving the bars then readjusting the brake again as it's cable stop is the handle bars if that makes sense. Ride quality was far better that the road bike with it's 26X1.75 tyres even on Dudleys roads, Still not sure about the handle bar width though ! I've always thought the frame geometry of these early mountain bikes makes them a great commuter .
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  5. Paulus

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    That looks a good sturdy machine to beat the bad roads of the black Country on.
  6. SuperHans123

    SuperHans123 Formerly known as snertos999

    Good honest to goodness bike.
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