My 12 hours of A&E hell!

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I had an ill-tempered taxi driver when I was discharged from hospital following my hip operation.

When the hospital staff said they would call me a cab, I didn't immediately realise they meant it would be on their account.

With the benefit of hindsight, I suspect the driver had it in mind to charge me cash and get paid by the account.

After several reluctantly answered questions, the surly git conceded he was being fully paid by the hospital.

It was a jolt to the system as it represented my re-entry into the real world after several days of being waited on by the nursing staff.
Under health and safety legislation the gym have an obligation to report any injuries to members of the public arising from their work activity if that member of the public is taken directly to hospital as a result of an accident.
Your local authority will be the enforcement authority for the gym if it's a private gym, but it could be the Health & Safety Executive if the gym is council owned.
If the gym have reported the incident you may be contacted by an officer from the council (less likely if it's HSE enforced)
What they will be looking for is a bit more information about the circumstances that led to the accident to establish if they has been any breach of health and safety law that need to be addressed.
If you don't hear from anyone it may be that the gym haven't reported it so if you have concerns about the floor being excessively slippy you should contact them and let them know about your accident and concerns. They can look at the suitability of the floor surface and the cleaning procedures. Using the wrong cleaning chemicals on a non slip floor can change the grip and make it slippy.

I expect you will have some cracking bruises.
Hope it all mends quickly.

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I might as well mention it now, as it'll probably come up later in this thread. I've contacted a local solicitors about making a personal injury claim. Some might say that i'm looking to capitalise on the situation, but why not? No, i'm not out to claim for anything as some do. I've received significant injuries due to a lack of action regarding requests by various members of the gym to remedy that 'treacherous' floor. Why they haven't done I don't know,seeing as with it being a local authority gym they're very keen, even over keen on health and safety matters.
FFS, you slipped on a wet floor in the shower room and you want to sue them because the floor was wet?
FFS, you slipped on a wet floor in the shower room and you want to sue them because the floor was wet?
But not wet with just water. As I've said, they seem to have used an unknown substance mixed into the water that made it very slippery.. I think whoever used this substance thought that with it being 20 minutes from closing time no one would be using the showers and they took a chance and used this slippery substance and didn't even bother to put those wet floor warning signs down to warn it wasn't only wet but slippery as well. The staff like to get an early dart,so they just took a chance and that's how/why I ended up on the floor.
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Hope you feel better soon. I was in Wythenshawe hospital on Monday and overheard a poor guy who was admitted with severe internal bleeding explaining to the consultant how he had been taken to Blackburn A and E last weekend. Despite losing a lot of blood they had simply put him on a drip then sent him home.
The Royal Blackburn Hospital,to give it its full title has a reputation for such things are you described. Surely all NHS hospitals should follow the same procedures as the rest of them. Why do some get bad names and some don't? Are the ones in charge of NHS hospitals allowed to make their own rules up for each hospital I wonder?
Get onto the PALS team at the Hospitals Trust @Accy cyclist they have to investigate all complaints and that definitely should be one to complain about.

Hope you are up and about again soon
I suppose the solicitor firm I contacted will do that if necessary. I picked a local firm,so it'll be easier to go and see them directly. When I was hit by that boy racer 4 years ago I randomly chose a firm in Chesterfield, which is about 70 miles away.


If you are chasing the hospital for negligence then a personal injury lawyer isn't a good choice. Hope you mend soon


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FFS, you slipped on a wet floor in the shower room and you want to sue them because the floor was wet?
I have inferred that you seem to think it is foreseeable that such an accident could occur in this situation. But if an accident is foreseeable then I believe the gym operator may be expected to put in place mitigations. I have been on the other side defending an organisation against a slip or trip on more than one occasion and my experience was that the organisation was always on a hiding to nothing whatever I might think about the rights and wrongs.


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But not wet with just water. As I've said, they seem to have used an unknown substance mixed into the water that made it very slippery...
I doubt very much if it was something was mixed in with the water. We have tiles everywhere in the house but I notice that the very smooth ones cause slipping with even a thin film of water and those with some texture don't cause problems so maybe their choice of tiles was at fault.
I wish you a speedy recovery, when you're advancing in years injuries are more severe and take longer to heal.


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Problem is, it's a wet floor, wet shower and slippery at best. They can't use bleach - neither can any company to clean facilities....

Ideally, the floor would be that non-slip sandpaper texture lino, but older gyms/pools have tiles. Also, could have easily been someone spilling shampoo, or worse, conditioner... this will be what the 'defense' will pick up on in a legal case (it's how it works).

Very unfortunate. I'm still massively careful in showers after breaking my back, even getting out of the shower at home - one slip could be quite nasty given part of my spine is missing.
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