Moped Aggressors


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Time for a piece of 4x2 in the second bottle cage me thinks, sorry officer it slipped into the moped front wheel by accident, honest!


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The police have, started to get the go-ahead to ram the sh!ts off the mopeds and this scooter gang stuff has declined since.

The sods took down a 90 year old woman, leaving her hospitalised after just pushing her over and stealing her bag in Wimbledon.

I have been chased by these twats on my motorbike, luckily I was close to the A3 so went on that and pinned it clear.

Sadly on a cycle, there is little you can do if you find yourself in this situation.


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I reported a moped rider who was hooning past the primary school near chuck-out time with an illegal helmetless pillion on his way to illegally cross a footbridge yesterday.

He was at serious risk of coming a cropper due to the preponderance of school run drivers competing to park as close to the school gates as possible.

I was sitting on a bench but had inadvertently left my helmet camera running, although it didn't get a clear shot of the registration.

I reported him to his Dad who I have known since the lad was one of my cubs...
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