Malvern Hills Advice pls


Norven Mankey
I remember the run out of Gloucester to Upton on Severn on our recent LEJOG. Lovely area (although we did skirt around the Malverns as it was a 100 mile day to Crewe)

We cycled past the church at Chaceley and although we were only a few miles into the day we had to stop and admire it and the fabulous Yew tree in the graveyard

Pale Rider

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I suffered my most significant cycling injury outside Upton about 50 years ago.

During an attempted acceleration, my foot slipped forward off the pedal.

I was unable to recover, wobbled for a few metres then hit the ground.

Fortunately, the car behind was being driven by a local farmer whom we knew.

Apparently, I was unconscious or close to it, but since he knew where we lived he was able to take me home in his Jag.

Bike recovered from behind a hedge (actually in one of his fields) later.

My scalp was bleeding which needed two or three stitches, put in in those days by the GP as I was sitting at the kitchen table.

No doubt these days it would mean a trip to A&E or a minor injury clinic, which I doubt few of us would see as much progress in half a century.
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