FNRttC Maldon, May 21, 2021

I hear it was a bit damp. And short.


Silencing his legs regularly
I hear it was a bit damp. And short.
Yep. AFAIK, there's not been an (official) FNR that suffered a total abandonment before. Hopefully, we're not setting a precedent. Conditions weren't that bad- however, we only started with 23 (the number that finished Wetstable), and though there weren't that many mechanicals, one in particular was agonisingly slow to deal with (tyre/rim combo being very awkward). We only got to the halfway- Birchanger Services- at about 5.30, so there was no way we were going to make Maldon by nine. The thing had become a war of attrition, and unlike the previous Hardest FNRs (I was on quite a few of those), there wasn't much impetus or reason to carry on. When the likes of Adrian, Titus and Michael A have had enough, the game's up. So, back to Bishop's Stortford and trains it was…
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