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I know nothing about Bromptons, but somebody not a million miles away is taking delivery of one in the next six weeks or so. It will be used mainly for pootling about London, the odd ride in the country, but no midnight dashes through rocks and stumps and other daft stuff requiring Hermann Goering flak regiment levels of illumination. I've no idea how the bikes fold up and which lights would get in the way. Can any Brompton owners suggest some front and back lights? I have an aversion to ones with integral rechargeable batteries. The battery eventually dies and the whole light is toast. We have a large supply of AA and AAA rechargeables. Lights using those would be ideal. A budget of about £40 tops would be good.

Any suggestion would be very welcome. Thank you.


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Lord knows after spending over a grand on a bike they didn't think of a dynamo hub? Never mind lidl do excellent lights for about £15.


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Lights on the bars usually need removing before folding. Same for seatpost mounting. The best positions are the brake bolts.
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